The story of Ike cousins

Once upon a a time when Ike was in obedient school his cousins where watching the popular  sadie on tv ,sadie said ”oh my goodness your guys are not even watching me on the tv”. sudentley we saw Ike on the tv .He had escaped from the Lgor Brotweiler  Academy .Sadie the small dog ,charity the cute cool dog ,luna the white with brown dots and bossy dog .Someone knocked on the door so we answered the door it was Ike ”can you hide me in the basement so we did .Then early in the morning Ike left he saw Mrs .Larue  in the road not looking so he pushed her out of the way and Sadie ,Charity ,Luna al saw .I said ”Look both ways before  you cross the road” 


Once  upon a time there was a superhero named Captain Underpants and his sidekick Agent A .The  evil Bod was the chicken stealer .We were at school and saw him out the window .We blew bubbles that changed our suites  .Then we got out the big shrink ray ,and shrunk him  and put him in a jar .We took him to jail .Know all the chickens are safe , and the village is normal . The End 

Moving west for land

If I was moving west i would have a cattle driver so i  can take food ,supplies just like a pioneer . I would put my food in a root cellar .one day my wagons wheel got broken from a huge rock and we flipped over on the trail on a back road , and we meet a cowboy in town and he took us to to his ranch and fixed the wheel and handed us some tools incase the wheel bakes again.So we headed back down the trails and we heard a loud noise it was thunder it started raining really hard and the thunder almost hit the wagon .So when we got to are new home we were surprise it was so big and the yard had a boomtown of trees ,and plants . And we meet Daniel Boonie and some American folk and became friends with them THE END

Thomous Jefferson

He left congress that same year to serve Virginia

The continental congress that adopted the Declaration

Religious freedom as Virginia legislator

Declaration of Independece

Thomas Jefferson

Winning cilver war

Play for protecting their empire

He became united states minster to France

Colonial separation,a strong federal government under new constitution

Aniyas story

There once was a witch that lived in a graveyard ,and every full moon the spirits of the elve Alli and the the domesticated laney .Every full moon the bed streders would go and fly over houses to take kids out of their bebs and put then in a volcano .All of  a sudden .the volcano erupted  and somehow the the kids where able to out . It  was so dark the kids could’t see.A little boy named max was screaming louder than a wolf can howl

Aniya’s 5th grade

In 5th grade you do a lot of of learning .You swiech to five

class .Five grade is like forth grade dut with a lot of class to teach you in

reading is reading math is math science is science all thangs are the same but harder but harder is good for

you so you brain can learn .YOU are going to have a great time in 5th grade.