Aniyas story

There once was a witch that lived in a graveyard ,and every full moon the spirits of the elve Alli and the the domesticated laney .Every full moon the bed streders would go and fly over houses to take kids out of their bebs and put then in a volcano .All of  a sudden .the volcano erupted  and somehow the the kids where able to out . It  was so dark the kids could’t see.A little boy named max was screaming louder than a wolf can howl

Aniya’s 5th grade

In 5th grade you do a lot of of learning .You swiech to five

class .Five grade is like forth grade dut with a lot of class to teach you in

reading is reading math is math science is science all thangs are the same but harder but harder is good for

you so you brain can learn .YOU are going to have a great time in 5th grade.


Did you now that the foxglove grows in Europe and naturalized in various part of the North America
the flowers are numerous, on a spike and range from a deep purple to a liae with conspicuous spots interlining the throut of the tubular flower, as a dienniat,the leaves from a rosetle the first year follow by flower spike the next year.

My running hobby

Running is very  good for you do you won’t  to know why because you get more exercise . Lots of people need exercise,but running is how most people loss more weight .Did you know running makes you healthy  just by walking,running and lots more .Running helps you get  in shape if you didn’t know.Do you think running gives you lots of  strength Just by running you can if you didn’t know that’s  amazing  because some people don’t have lots of strength ,and that’s alright .You should run some day ,and if you do it all the time it can become your hobby ,but you have to try it I promise you will like it and you can even try with your mom,dad,brother,sister or can do lots  of things running can do.Like I said running is fun so I hope you try it someday.